Vertical forest



5 thoughts on “Vertical forest

  1. Really wild juxtapositon of old and new. I cannot imagine the old homeowners love this but also what a view from way up there! Each home seems to also have a love of greenery, thanks for sharing! Where is this please?

    • Curious hm? This is how Milano Italy tries to get rid of smog, an oxygen fan so to speak. Thanks for stepping by and observing so carefully.

      • Does it work? Are their statistics for the city specifically? I have always wanted to visit Milan….

      • Go ahead, ut’s worth it, next year they host the expo. The building is just about to be finished, no one living there yet, no data available, you’ll have to vheck that out yourself…

      • It just might do it! I am so into fashion design and that has always been my basic impetus but now you gave me more!

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