Statistically relevant…

…the life of homo sapiens is more than physical

(As defined by the percentage basepairs of the whole genome that is responsible for genes)


7 thoughts on “Statistically relevant…

    • Wikipedia says: “Coding DNA is defined as those sequences that can be transcribed into mRNA and translated into proteins during the human life cycle; these sequences occupy only a small fraction of the genome (<2%)."
      So the amount of genes, this part of the DNA that we believe builds our body through proteins, is less than 2% of the whole DNA.
      So 98%, which statistically more than relevant, is something else, not known at this point, not building our physical presence.

    • Basicaclly, they don’t know!
      It seems that around 70% of the human genome is transcribed into RNA, but only around 2% of it is translated into proteins.
      It seems, that the more complex an organism (as measured by the number of different cells it is composed of), the higher the ration of non-coding DNA is (while the number of basepairs of coding DNA does not increase with complexity).
      My personal opinion is, that this RNA resulting from non-coding-DNA enables cell-cell-communication and helps the cells specialise into the different types (as hinted by the source mentioned…)

  1. So apparently DNA is not only the messenger, but also an actor. Amazing, thanks v for showing one more glimpse at how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

    • You are welcome, for the answers, for your visit to this space! DNA is certainly more than its been given credit for and there are very interesting times ahead for molecular scientists…

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